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A blog about what you can learn from any book you read..sticky ideas, quotes and phrases.

An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness - Kay Redfield Jamison
""The privilege to practice is exactly that, a privilege; it is not a right. The real dangers, of course, come about from those pilots, politicians, clinicians, businessmen, or other individuals responsible for the welfare and lives of others, who~because of the stigma or the fear of suspension of their privileges or expulsion from medical school, graduate school or residency~are reluctant to seek out psychiatric treatment""
Einstein's Beach House - Jacob Appel

A collection of very interesting short stories that will definitely get you hooked. The author has very good understanding of human behaviors and psychology which makes reading even more interesting. The endings of the some of the stories were not that great but you still enjoyed the reading.

Huis clos, suivi de Les mouches - Jean-Paul Sartre
""....All that wise lore I culled for you with loving care, like a bouquet, matching the fruits of my knowledge with the finest flowers of my experience? Did I not, from the very first, set you a-reading all the books there are, so as to make clear to you the infinite diversity of men's opinions? And did I not remind you, time and again, how variable are human creeds and customs? So, along with youth, good looks, and wealth, you have the wisdom of far riper years; your mind is free from prejudice and superstition; you have no family ties, no religion, and no calling; you are free to turn your hand to anything. But you know better than to commit yourself—and there lies your strength. So, in a word, you stand head and shoulders above the ruck and, what's more, you could hold a chair of philosophy or architecture in a great university. And yet you cavil at your lot!"
Einstein's Beach House - Jacob Appel

I am half way through this book..a very interesting one ..short stories that are very imaginative and diverse and very well written.